How Can You Level Up Squats & Lunges in Your Workouts

How Can You Level Up Squats & Lunges in Your Workouts

It’s common knowledge that to improve your balance and grow a peachy bum, squats and lunges are the go-to exercises. But let’s be honest, sometimes they can get a bit repetitive and not feel like much of a challenge. Lucky for you ladies, we have a couple of ways that you can level up squats and lunges in your workouts, keeping things interesting while improving your results!


How To Increase Difficulty & Improve Your Results

Mastering the Basics

Before we jump into any advanced variations, it’s important to master the fundamentals of squats and lunges. Ensure that your form is top-notch, as this will help prevent injuries and achieve optimal muscle engagement. You should be paying attention to things like your posture, keeping your core engaged, and aligning your knees with your toes. Start simple with bodyweight variations to really master the basics, and then, as you become more confident, gradually add resistance.


Try Different Variations

Like any workout, variety is key. The more variety of exercises you do, the less bored you will become. As a result, the more engaged you are, the higher the quality of your workouts and the better the results. Experiment with different squat and lunge variations to target various muscle groups. Some effective options include goblet squats, back lunges and lifts, Bulgarian split squats, and lateral lunges.


Incorporate Plyometrics

A big way in which you can keep your workouts interesting is by incorporating cardio. Plyometric exercises are a fantastic way to blend both cardio and strength-building. You could include exercises such as hop squats or lunge jumps that add a more creative twist while still enhancing muscle growth. It must be said, however, that you should approach these with caution. Make sure your joints and muscles are loose and stretched out beforehand, preventing the risk of injury.


Focus on Mind-Muscle Connection

Something that many will not account for is how mindful training can be crucial for maximising the benefits of your workouts. You should concentrate on the muscle groups you are aiming to target during each movement, emphasising the mind-muscle connection. Doing so will see results in muscle growth (as you're focusing more on muscle engagement), as well as reducing the risk of injury and promoting better body awareness.


Implement Progressive Overload

As you continue to carry out these exercises on a regular basis, you should start to look at challenging your muscles by progressively overloading them. Increase the intensity of your workouts by gradually increasing the weight, repetitions, or sets. This consistent progression is essential for building up your strength and avoiding a standstill in your fitness journey.


Prioritise Recovery

Perhaps the most important thing on this list is ensuring that you are prioritising your recovery throughout your journey. Things such as reasonable amounts of sleep, proper nutrition, and active recovery techniques (like stretching or yoga) all contribute to overall well-being and optimise the benefits of your squats or lunges.


By mastering the basics, adding resistance, trying different variations, incorporating plyometrics, focusing on the mind-muscle connection, implementing progressive overload, and prioritising recovery, you can sculpt a stronger, more resilient body. Remember, consistency is key, so stay committed to your fitness journey and celebrate the progress along the way. You've got this!


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